[REQ] Have someone this logo-concept before?

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Hi philes!

I'm trying to convince a good friend of mine that his logo-concept (the bubbles) for a customer is a bit of a rip-off... but I can't recall where I saw it...

Any help here?

Preview here:



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Sure there are many more. That doesn't mean your friend can't stick with their concept, they just need to find a way to distinguish it from all the other bubble logos.

Perhaps they could make the accent on the A more of a feature, for example try having the bubbles growing out from the top of the A. The bubbles have been done, but I'm sure they can be explored a bit further to create something more original.

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Hey Austin,

Thanks for the input. I agree that he still can continue with the main idea... I just needed to give him something more to think about ;-)


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Few weeks ago someone was redesigning verizon logo for a school project that incorporated circles.
Robert Koritnik

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