Anyone have any suggestion?!

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So I posted about this font the other day in the Critique section of this forum. But I am still wondering if anyone had any suggestions of complimentary faces for this font. I have tried by best to talk to client out of using this font but for professional purposes I'd like to give them a secondary font as a option along with my choices. Any ideas?

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Not sure what you mean by complementary in this context, but it looks a lot like Americana, only thinner, and a bit more "handmade" looking.

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Maybe you could mix it up with a few oddball free fonts and hope people think it’s some kind of postmodernist irony thing.

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Lantz- I'm looking for a serif pairing font. I just need one to recommend for use with this font to the client, but I'm trying to get them to go with another set completely.

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If I may be so bold as to chime in with a small piece of advice…

In my experience, when you show a client various options (for typefaces, for layouts, for color palettes, anything), and you really, really dislike one of them, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. If you dislike that typeface enough to try your best to get them not to use the font, I suggest you simply do not offer an option that uses that typeface.

Maybe you can come up with a second set that you do like. That way, you're giving them multiple options that you can (and are happy to) work with.

As for a complimentary font, I'm kind of stumped, but the sample you show reminds me a bit of Optima, and so I kind of want go the easy route and say "pair it with Palatino." On the other hand, I think it would help if we knew what industry this was for.

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Ok here's the deal. This is the typeface the client chose to use and they asked for my opinion, and I gave it. I told them the same thing that I have been hearing on here. And I am recommending other sets but they still want a pairing font for this one, for their peace of mind.

Thanks for the advice though, I do appreciate you looking out for me. The use of this face would be for an ad campaign for tires aimed towards women. I am definitely trying to sway them towards two other sets I have recommended for use in this campaign, especially because it is a type heavy campaign.

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