Carol Twombly Adobe Caslon

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Carol Twombly Adobe Caslon

i'm trying to find out what sources she used to design Adobe Caslon? ( i know that one of them published by Caslon in 1734)

is there an interview with her? (about the design)

thank you


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I am not used to been so agreeable. In fact I would like to be able to offer your Caslon along with our own.

Gerald Giampa

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I just noticed Bitstream's Caslon Old Face at

It does 'look like Caslon', though it seems to lack small caps, a bold version etc.

What do you experts on Caslon think of it?

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It's quite OK for a Caslon to lack bold - Caslon didn't have one, but instead printers used 'black letter'. >From what I remember of it, Bitstream Caslon is one of the worst around. The descenders have been absurdly shortened, and the lining figures are another horror. Avoid it! Caslon _needs_ small caps, non-lining figures, ligatures, and sensitive handling. It's not worth spending time, as a typographer, with substandard fonts.

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But how do you explain why yours is so terrible? I have a copy of Caslon 337 and The Fount, The Caslon Challenge, and a copy of your fonts.

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