Burroughs Corporation B 200 Computer AD from 1963

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hey all, i saw this ad in a book of 1960's ads i have (then found this pick via google):


does anybody know what the typeface used for 'angry young computer' is?

is there a digital version?

i really like it!

also, what is the typeface used for 'Burroughs Corporation'?


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"angry young computer" seems to be a grotesque. The 1985 Phil's Photo "Homage to the Alphabet" book shows something called California Grotesque which is similar in feel, but not the details of the descenders (the g is the wrong kind, and the y tail isn't as upturned). Grotesque No.9 shows some of these features, but the weight isn't right. Fielder Gothic Bold shows one surviving member of what was a large family with varying widths and details in the days of phototypes.

In the 60's phototypes were widely used, and gothics/grotesques came in every imaginable variation or weight, widths and letterform feature (r curve, g tail, a tail, y tail, c closure). That means that finding the same typeface in digital font format is probably unlikely. You can search using grotesque or gothic condensed and find many of today's equivalent styles.

- Mike Yanega

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It looks like Square Grotesk, a display phototype family by Techni-Process of New York from the 1960s. My understanding is that California Grotesk was a derivative. The alternate l/c "g" looks to be a custom variation, I would have to pull the original film out of storage to check. Not digitized.

Here's a page from the specimen book

The Burroughs Corporation mark looks custom drawn.

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i love the l/c g in the burroughs poster, and the overall look of the rest.

it would be great if it was digitized...

thanks again!

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Just use some handy-dandy interpolating software to synthesize a mix between Bureau Grot and House Gothic 23, et voila!

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Well gosh darn it I have to go rename another font I'm working on.
It's up in the critique-sans serif section of the forums. Should be obvious which one I'm talking about.

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