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There are some spectacular examples of typefaces used badly, or wrongly chosen for the application at hand but this nomination is not about that, nor is it about legibility or history. Assuming a typeface meets the criteria it's designer set out to achieve, both technically and aesthetically, nominate typefaces you'd never want to be associated with.

In other words, nominate the typefaces you hate most!


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it's > its

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>There are some spectacular examples of typefaces used badly,

Here's one. Courier set on a web page with a huge line-length...


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Hello Elizabeth and welcome to Typophile!

Sorry, but we've already done this hate thing.

Want to start a font love discussion instead? I'll try to be along for that but I can't promise much as I'm releasing a new font at the moment.

much love,
j a m e s

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Make fonts, not war.

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