New text/font/language support for Flash & AIR

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Adobe today released on Adobe Labs the Text Layout Framework, new pre-release components that extend text, font and language support of Flash and AIR. In fact, the recently demonstrated IHT Reader is based on this technology.

I've been watching and giving feedback on this technology for many many months now, and am highly impressed with what the team has achieved, so this public pre-release is very exciting for me. I think it's a huge leap forwards for text functionality in Flash and AIR.



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This stuff is impressive: the team did a great job!

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Seems like real font embedding finally comes to Flash! That's been a long journey. Congrats!

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This Indian script support is great news! Now to test it out...
Thanks for the post Thomas!

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The Max session entitled "Using the Component Library for Flash Player" by Robin Briggs has just been made available on Adobe TV at

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Here's a great article by Mihai Corlan on Using the Text Layout Framework in Flex 3.2 and AIR 1.5.

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