Vintage fonts? - edwardian, victorian where?

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Hi there,

I have been searching on the internet for examples or sets of victorian, edwardian, turn of the century i.e vintage fonts. Does anyone here know where I could find some, I don't even mind if it is just examples of typeface or book covers (actually that would be interesting!) , I don't need to download it, have a set of typefaces to work with, I just need a source of examples/a few words as I can easily copy it by hand from the computer screen and make up the rest of the lettering. Any ideas?

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Letterhead Fonts always have AWESOME fonts! Thats the best site for buying unique fonts, at least that I know of...besides that I suggest you scour the internet for old book covers/posters/whatever from the Victorian era or hit the library. You can also search for type specimen books from that era.
Hope this helps.


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I second Letterhead Fonts. Perfect for your need.

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Thank you very much for giving me this information. Many thanks I will take a look!

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Keep in mind that many of Letterhead's fonts are contemporary American sign painter interpretations of Victorian style. They are very expressive, but not necessarily the most authentic source. I would look at books published during the era you're interested in for a more accurate representation of what was going on at the time. Like Jon said: time for a trip to the library!

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