Check this face out!?

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What do you all think of this face being used as the font for a type heavy, tire ad campaign that's trying to sell to women? I'm recommending that the client use a more grotesk or geometric sans with a serif if they want an secondary typeface. Any comments on this Caramella font?

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I agree with your though train. I am not sure about these being a leading type face. pretty face but kind of airy.

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Oh and one more thing, there are no other weights or styles. This is it. Just Regular! So I'm thinking for an all type ad I should have more options for weights?

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Anyone know of a good partner font for this one?

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I think you're on the right track - geometric sans makes more sense. Something like this is more cosmetics/fashion. I wouldn't use this if I had the choice. It looks like a students work. No offense.

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