Fontalicious is Back!

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Hey Gang,

Fontalicious is finally back up on the interweb thanks to the boys at Font Bros.

Over the next few months, we'll be rolling out a cornucopia of delicious new typefaces for you to enjoy! Come check out the latest batch today. Some are free, some not so free!

Here's a little list to get you started:

Wordsworth- Is it handdrawn? Is it vintage? Is it free? These questions can be answered by clicking on the font link!

Blonk is fat and trendy, Blingo is the closest thing to owning millions of dollars worth of blood diamonds, except for without the blood and without the diamonds!

Gringo is a chubby little squatty cartoony body, and Brute is just like it sounds- rugged and smooth.

Kravitz Rounded is a newer, rounder version of Kravitz family, hence the name.

Der Weiner Stentzel is a new twist on an old fave- GO FOR IT!

A few other new fonts to be introduced in the next few days, just getting all the curtains dusted off first.

Welcome back!

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I just clicked the link and all I got on is the squatter search page. Is this a premature announcement or just that DNS update propagation delay that sometimes happens?

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The first e-mail had the URL wrong so we had to resend a new e-mail with the correct URL . . . It should be working just fine now . . .


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glad to see you back ben!

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