Creative quote marks

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I have a logo to design and it's just begging me to use quote marks as the eyes of a smiling face. But I think I may have seen this before, or something too similar at least.

Has anyone seen this or something like it? Post an image if possible.

And while we're on the subject, it'd be cool to see any creative use of quote marks anyone knows of.


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FontBureau's is nice.


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Is that supposed to represent anything, though?

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Bump. Shall I assume that no one else knows of anything to show?

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I'm digging this one back up to show I found a usage just like I was talking about.


Okay, really this is the one I designed. If this spurs up any more responses that would be nice, but thanks to all who responded previously.

Comments on the design welcome too, but not suggestions, it's done as I could do. The company is going to be an to be an online travel booking site, just like, hmmm... let me see, travelocity ;)

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Sounds familiar to me as well, but I can't seem to think of it.

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I wonder if there is a keyword search, of sorts anyway, at

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