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A German Non-Profit-Organisation would like to have a critique of its logo and maybe a revision.
This organisation is a lobby association of companies which are ecologically or socially orientated.

These were my first thoughts:

1) I like the combination of the

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Hmmmmmm, now the logo looks perhaps too far away from the ligature. Solve it with the more detailled grid system:

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I like your thinking, however, The ligature/logo still seems a little large compared to the tagline.

I do like the relationship of the 2nd tagline to the main tagline. Consider the SAME proportionary relationship of the Ligature to the 1st tagline and then to the second tagline.

It appears that you have made the the x-height of the second tagline 1/2 the x-height of the UnternehmansGrun. So why not make the x-height of UnternehmensGrun 1/2 the x-height of the ligature.(the u portion). Try it, who knows.

If it works you will then have a direct proportionary relationship between A,B,and C.

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I think it is hard to critique with such little space around the mark. If possible, could you add more white around the entire thing for better viewing.

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I am very busy for the moment. I continue working on the logo at the end of the week.


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