So... I think I did a good job typesetting this... but...

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Let me know your thoughts...

I have always considered myself a decent typographer, but have never really had my stuff critiqued by people that know what they are talking about... just coworkers, etc. So, in my mind I did a good job on this... but I would like to know what you guys see as places that improvements could be made.

Thanks in advance.

this board is absolutely beautiful, btw.

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did you just post that on b3s recently? or am i having a stroke

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yes... and no you're good... no stroke.

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i personally would tighten up the GE and probably the MO and the ON but that's just me

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I would probably have decreased the leading a bit. :)

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I personally would have tightened it up across the board. I think that the "That" is pretty damn perfect. I woulda stuck with that spacing throughout. Great outcome and shirt design however. Keep it up.

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