sounding typeface donation (8 hours left)

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Dear Typophiles,

I donated an experimental display typeface to my favorite web-radio-station dublab.

But I'm not really helping them with their fund-racer without putting some music loving type-designers on this subject. So I should do some rude self-promotion: By donating an amount over 50$ you will get a price-package in retune which as well contains an exclusive mix-cd by dublab-dj Jimmy Tamborello (a.k.a. Dntel, The Postal Service, James Figurine).

I originally designed this font for the audio-visual exhibition Into Infinity. My contribution is also posted on my frontpage.

My sounding Typeface:

And the funny thing, it will come with a folder of sound-files:

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haha nice one. i tried doing something similar - mapping adsrs and lfos to serif contours etc... needless to say it flopped

well done

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