Looking for Designbureau in London

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I have to go on an internship this (school)year. I was thinking about going to London, but amazingly enough I can't seem to find that many. London is known for it's high concentration of design firms i believe. I've bought and looked into some books, but I was also wondering if anybody on this forum knows some good firms.

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check out the back of design week and creative review, most design mags tend to be a good place to start.

really depends on what you are looking for

good luck

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Check out the nominees (and winners, of course) from the D&AD awards.
They do tend to have a few Londoners as recipients.
See if anyone suits you.


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Thanks to both.


I live in the Netherlands, and i've never seen the magazines you mentioned anywhere. I guess they're english, but i'm sure there are some other mags i can find that could be useful. Thanks again.

Any more suggestions are always welcome of course

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Design week and Creative review, as Balance writes, are excellent choices.
If You've never heard or seen them, it's about time you did.
And don't miss Creative Review's blog.

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