College Logo needs more eyes!

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Please help me out here...

I've been looking at this too long. We are updating this logo

This is where we're at. They're already sold on the current form--we just keep going back and forth on the angle of the "M" curve and the weight of the strokes...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I like it, but the alignment is weird. I understand that you're following the slant of the box, but it looks like "College of Music" is dangling into nowhere.'s picture

To me, it's way too recognizable as an upper case M and there isn't enough play going on with the shapes it forms. Try making the M bigger so the serif on the top left divides the orange square again maybe?

I'd tighten up the distance between McNally Smith and The College For Music too.

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It looks quite appealing, but uneasily unstable to me. The second line of text ("the College for Music") – possibly also because it is so very dark compared to the rest – seems to be pushing against the orange box. If it keeps pushing, the box will fall down on the whole text. If it doesn't, the box will probably fall over to the other side.
Did you aim for this kind of tension?

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I wanted the square to have tension and motion without turning into a diamond, but I definitely don't want it to feel unstable... Hmm.

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just throwing it out there ... does the M in the orange have to be some ... obvious?

isn't music about interpretation?

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