Strange text behavior when exporting/producing PDF from InDesign

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When exporting an InDesign file to PDF, I noticed on several occasions,
that text is shifting when I used the " Indent to Here special character".

InDesign moves the first (few) words to the right by appr. one space.

Did you ever encounter this problem and is there a way to solve it ?

/// Jacques

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The only solution I know is to print to PostScript file and to process it with Distiller. I hope Adobe will correct this bug one day...

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We tried a quick test, using ID CS4 and ID CS2 & couldn't get the problem.

Just out of curiosity, what versions if InDesign and Acrobat were you using?

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Could be corrupt font caches, or multiple installs of the font(s) used. Clean up and try again.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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I faced the behavior described by fonthausen several times, regardless on fonts used. The combination of customized bullets (custom font & color) and Indent to Here command keeps me stressed as it appeared in one printed book I design. I didn't notice the problem when checking PDF files. No I always doublecheck all pages where I use customized bullets and indent. The other solution is not to use Indent to Here and rather use negative values for first line indent.

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I am using Indy 4.0.5 (osX)

Actually a collegue showed me the problem, which I never had seen before.
After creating a whole new document on my own computer, the error occured here as well.

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Did you report the bug to Adobe?


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No, not yet.


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I did yesterday.

After having answered some technical question, they shut down the case.
They told me to call the helpline, because I was using Indy CS 2 and not cs 3 or 4 ...



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