Font embedding in Adobe (Macromedia) Director

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Hi all!

Not focused on type design itself but an important problem for me to resolve.
Is there anyone around here with special knowledge about all the problems and difficulties on font embedding in Ex-Macromedias Director?

Lately I observed the problems my old movies (that I also use for Internet) have nowadays when it comes to IntelMacs.
My Director is version 9.0 and I am not willing to buy the new one only for this.

Some fonts I embedded years ago actually still work good, others yet show up with the base line higher than it should be.
But tricky, only on shockwave 11 with Intel Macs. In the older shockwave versions it remains unchanged (so I cannot change the baseline over all)
I believe there could be something, some parameter in the font that acts differently.
Has it something to do with unicode, a word I heard around?

Is there anyone who knows something about this problem?

Would be great.
PS I work in FontLab


The typeface shown above is very nice! Compliment for who made it!

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Please, someone help me!!

I am desperated with this font embedding thing.
I do not use Suitcase or a programm similar but I still wonder why I am able to install fonts
that are visible in InDesign and other programs (I lay them in the Library- Font folder) and then not
in Director or at least not in a correct way. This font thing, I mean the technical side on OsX I never understood.

What can I do?


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then otherwise in FontLab there are 2 millions windows and values and things to enter when creating a suitcase and I often have this horrible window popping up „grave errors..accept changes ecc..
How is anyone supposed to understand all this stuff?
Is there anyone able to explain everything there to fill in?


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