Thai, OpenType, and InDesign

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I am wondering, [John, Nathan, Thomas], how do you test if a Thai OpenType font works correctly -- the shaping of vowels and tonal marks in particular. I have a copy of InDesign CS on panther.

My friend started implementing OpenType features, and gave me a copy to test. The basic unicode glyphes are fine. But InDesign would not shape the font using his OpenType features. Could I use Indy as a benchmark to check if Thai shaping features are working properly?


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No currently shipping InDesign versions support Thai.

I use MS Office 2003 for Windows to test Thai shaping. This is the only software I know that has fully implemented support for Thai OpenType fonts.

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Ditto. I use MS Office 2003. And make all sorts of hacks & mods to work with Adobe and Macromedia products... :-/

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Thank you, Nathan and John. I will see what else I can do.


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