Domain Name Registration

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How does one register a domain name?

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Type, Domain Name Registration, in any search engine and away you go.

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<font class="dontLookLikeCrap">I figured that it would probably be this easy

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I really like Dotster. They manage to take the pain out of .ca registrations, as well as handling all of the other popular top level domains. And if you're stuck for finding that perfect domain name, their alternate available domain suggestion feature is very handy.

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well, the best to my experience is to use a registrar who is in the same country as you + one who provide online managing of your dns and such things related. Avoid to use the domain registration offered by a host, because it doesn't help to leave the host if trouble with it, because of the domain+dns.

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I ended up with NetBeat, a common hoster in Germany (which, I found out after the fact, is headquartered in Vienna). They should be all right for what we needed. Thanks for all of the advice!

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Dan, just know that registering a domain is different from
getting your domain hosted. You can have one company register
it and another host it, but it's less hassle if you know who
your host is and just have them register it.

If you just want to register a domain and not host anything there
for a while, then Dotster is a great choice because it's dirt cheap.

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