Laramie Pro vs Laramie Complete

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Hi just noticed this Laramie Pro (Profonts) via MyFonts vs Laramie Complete (Red Rooster) via Veer.


I ask is Veer a better version or better reproduced, would love to know.
Normally I would just get it from Veer (even though I don't get the benefits of living in the US, that is another story or posting), though this time could not justify it, not for the job it is required for.


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Someone from the respective outfits can correct me if I'm wrong, but I am fairly certain the Red Rooster font files via Veer or via RR themselves are the same. There is also a version of Laramie from URW which is probably slightly different.

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Whoops. Clicked your MyFonts link and now I see that version is from "profonts" which is owned by URW, so it might actually be the same as the URW version at FontShop. Clicking on the Red Rooster/Veer about tab shows that it is also the Profonts version. So my conclusion is that these three shops are selling the same fonts. You should make your decision based on whichever vendor you enjoy and trust the most.

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Hi Stephen, thank you. That is what I thought, wow... well since Veer refuse to send me the cushions or the promos, ha...
have gone MyFonts as the job is a small one. NZ dollar sucks!

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Thank you, Stephen!

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