Does anyone remember Dr Böger Photosatz GmbH?

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Back in maybe the 70s, I remember seeing ads (probably in _Art Direction_ magazine) for some wacky font variations from Dr Böger Photosatz GmbH. I'm pretty sure there was Souvenir with a variety of outlines, inlines and drop shadows. And Helvetica in rounded, outline, shadowed and maybe chiseled. I even had Marvin Kommel set set some logos for me in those fonts.

Does anyone remember them? Are there any showings on the Web and have any of those fonts been digitized?


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Some notes about the destiny of the Böger outfit are found here

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You sure have an interesting website! And your file is probably where I found the correct spelling of the firm's name. Thanks.

I'm hoping to find some information about the unique fonts that they sold. If they weren't unique, at least I never saw them elsewhere.

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