Testing (testing testing) Fonts in Vista - HELP!

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The answer must be simple.

I always used a Macintosh for font development work. I tested them though on Mac and Windows.

Basically, this involved installing it. Using it for a day or two. Uninstalling it. Throwing into gsrbage or bin.

Alomhg came Vista. I no longer can uninstall a font or delete it.

My font menus are full of differen versions, and my folt folder is getting fatter and fatter.

How can I do such a simple thing like remove a font from font folder and delete it?

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When I try this, I get a pop-up up, saying that I need permission to do this. I press CONTINUE and not cancel.

I am the administrator. I am never asked permission to give.

Instead, I am just asked afterwards in a new window, to confirm if I want to delete them. I confirm, but they are not deleted.

Any ideas?

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Administrative Rights:

go to Control Panel -> Windows Users; edit your user -> Administrative Rights; click OK

click on User Access Control; Disable it.

go back to Control Panel; change it to Classic Style;

go to the Fonts Folder... and delete

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I know there are wonderful font-managers for windows that cost a lot of money and obviously wouldn't be worth the cost if you only use it for part-time use.

Linotype used to have a windows beta of their Linotype font Xlporer X, which would let you enable and disable fonts without having to install/uninstall systemwide.

You may be familiar with the mac version of this software. I'm not sure if they're currently distributing the free windows version or not, but I'm sure there are copies of it floating around out there. I also don't know how well it works on vista, but it could be just what you're looking for.

Hope this helps!

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I went to www.linotype.com last week, as a friend paised their font manager too. But the beta program ended, so only Mac users couls use their fm.

Unfortunately, mac software only uses macs.

i tried downloading a demo of suitcase, but its deleting fonts capabilities was disabled.

thanx anyway.


I tried as you wrote, but I can only chanbge the icon or password or user type in the user accounts section of the control panel.

i can delete fonts, but nothing takes effect.

i'm thinking to create fake user. maybe my administrator is buggy all by himself, and can work when a powerless user is around.

shoulkd i give it a try? what can i lose?

thanks anyway for two attempts to help me.

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waste of time.

vista is...buggy buggy buggy!

2 months ago, instead of shutting down, iclicked hybernate by mistake.

vista locked up. i called best buy where i bought this sony lap top. the geek fixed by removing the battery for 10 seconds.

he said, every lap top locks in hybernation mode. just another bug in vista.

fat font folders are just another bug of vista.

no wonder bill gates is retiring. he uses a mac anyway. steve jobs sent him it, because he knew that bill would be too embarassed to buy one.

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I am a long-time linux user, now I use Mac in addition to Linux, and I can't understand, knowing what I know now, how people manage to develop or produce professional work on a toy operating system who's biggest selling feature is running games.

The ability on Linux and Mac to simply pop a folder with fonts into your ~/.fonts/ or ~/Library/fonts/ folder and have the fonts show up and be usable, and then to simply remove them and have them gone is beautiful. I never understood this whole font 'installation' thing, or allowing the computer to have control over such a simple procedure.

I hope you find a solution that suits you gohebrew, but thanks for sharing this too, I will share your experience with new designers thinking of getting Vista laptops bcause they're 'cheaper'.

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I have FontExplorer installed on my Mac, but I mostly just use it for previewing uninstalled fonts and cleaning the font caches. I don't use it for activating/deactivating fonts very often. (If I were doing "normal" design work instead of making fonts, the situation might be different.)

I have all my fonts organized into folders for each family on a separate volume. To install a font, I simply copy a folder of fonts into the ~/Library/Fonts. To uninstall, just delete the folder.

A lot of people don't realize it, but you can put fonts into folders and sub-folders in the /Fonts folder. You can organize it however you like. No need to leave everything dumped out loose at the top level.

Font managers do have some benefits, but a lot of people have forgotten why Suitcase was such a success when it was first released on Mac System 6 back in the Eighties: It enabled you to install more than 256 fonts at one time. Each bitmap size of each font style counted as a font, so this was a big problem, and Suitcase solved it. The other reason was that you normally had to restart when you installed new fonts. Suitcase fixed this as well. Most of the other features were simply ways for Suitcase and its competitors to differentiate themselves in the market.

But we don't have the 256 font limit or the restart problems anymore that Suitcase and similar utilities were originally designed to solve. Things like auto-activation can be very useful, but these utilities are not nearly as essential as they once were.

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Thank you innovatic and mark s. for your marks that remind people that Windows does the same as people do at the olde drugge store's soda fountain. You know those guys and girls who suck soda outta the samestraw. Windows does the same: it sucks.

When MicroSoft's Typography Group came out with MS Volt Level 2 for the Mac, Bill Gates made them dump the source code in the landfills around Seattle. I knoe, because I saw Steve Jobs looking for it! He even 2 tractors and a bull-dozer.

But Bill burned it first, and scattered the ashes. I think he mumbled a prayer for the dead first.

Everyone knows that I.B.M. really stands for "I shudda Bought Mac".

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Isn't Vista font folder an actual folder inside windows/fonts?

Can't I just delete them from there?

Say a mantra three times before you post an answer.

"I do love Vista.
I do love Vista.
I do love Vista."


OK, keep posted. I think I got it.

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Log in as always, putz with administrator
feel the power
Create new user, give 'em or 'er administrator status
Change administrator to standand user the loser
feel the lossof power
goto control panel, fonts, delete installed fonts
doesn't work. curse bill gates.
may he change stinky cloth diapers!
go to folder in
my computer/windows/fonts
delete font files, lots of 'em.
window with new administrator pops up
type in his secret password (he could be a she or an it)
wallah, it works.
dance all nite.

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So, in this thread we hate Vista because we don't know how to install/uninstall fonts?

works pretty much the same as in XP or even win2000, the main difference being the annoying user access control, that has to be obliterated as soon you install or get a computer with Vista.

gohebrew the best option is always setup your account with admin rights... all in all rights management isn't as easy to setup on any windows version, as it should be. And if you are the only person using regularly that computer it's pretty unproductive not to have it setup that way.

The standard font management on windows it's one of the worst (you cannot create groups, activate deactivate instead of deleting the files, etc), but you can always use tools like Free Adobe Type Manager Light to correct that.

try it and let us know how it goes.

There must be some way out of here...

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>Free Adobe Type Manager Light

I didn't know ATM Light had management features. So what are the differences between ATM Light and ATM Deluxe for NT which still works fabulously well on Vista?

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>he said, every lap top locks in hybernation mode. just another bug in vista.

Not my Dell 1720, which has been a model citizen -- and easily accepts two hard drives.

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>works pretty much the same as in XP or even win2000

I naively thought so, too. Everyone likes to bash Vista. Everyone believes those Apple ads. But, tell me it ain't so, Joe.

It is so.

I had two XP laptops, from Sony and Compaq. My daughter had HP. I thought that Vista was XP with a fancy wrapper, too.

But it really sucks.

Bill G. laughs as he deposits another $25 million. He, he.

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I was the administrator, bt was powerless when it came to deinstall or delete fonts.

I had to create a new adninistrator, and demote myself to be a stand user. Then, I could delete to my heart's , if I knew my new administrator's password.

Why use ATM Light or Deluxe now?

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I didn’t know ATM Light had management features. So what are the differences between ATM Light and ATM Deluxe for NT which still works fabulously well on Vista?

Don't know the main differences between those two (not using either at the moment), but as far as I remember, you could add a font to a list, and then tick it or untick it to add or remove the font. Maybe it's what lohebrew needs, I mean... the other way around seems so complex and buggy.

and also, never had a problem with hybernation on my vaio.

There must be some way out of here...

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hypernation was my issue with a sony lap top and vista home edition. plus bestbuy said they had lots of lap top issues with hybernation.

do you folkshave vista home too?

font removal is easy now by by-passing the control panel.
font intallation works well through the control panel.

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home on laptop, ultimate on desktop.

anyway, try ATM light if not, i don't know if it is against the rules, but I still have one of the latest linotype's font explorer X beta installers and I could post a link to that.

There must be some way out of here...

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