Looking for an archive with vintage newspaper front pages

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I’m looking all over the interwebs and cannot seem to find any resource for vintage newspaper front pages, particularly from that period. Does anybody know if, how, and where I can find such an archive online?

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Yves, I have a book (which comes with a CD) that shows the front pages of the LA Times from 1881 to 1981. What's your time period?

Then there's these guys:
I have a contact there - I can forward your search to her if you like.


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This book [with a DVD] was recently talked about on NPR in the USA:

"The New York Times: The Complete Front Pages: 1851-2008"



In the discussion of the book on the radio the NPR guy (was it Robert Siegel?) wondered why there is a period after the paper's name on a 19th-century showing of the nameplate. In the NPR link above you can see some front pages. You'll see the period persisting until JFK's assassination in 1963, but that it disappeared by the Kent State shootings in 1970. Maybe it was cut off sooner than 1970, but there's a gap in front pages shown on the web site. (We also see color added in 1998, with Bill Clinton's mug telling us he did not have sex with that woman.)

I keep wanting to drop Siegel a line and tell him the period was used in earlier eras much more than it is now. Look at 19th-c newspapers, both editorial and ads, and you'll see a multitude of periods at ends of lines where we'd never use them now. On many painted building signs also. But I haven't written him that note yet because I don't know what more to say other than "Well, it was used a lot back then, more than now."

Can anyone say anything interesting about this? It has always puzzled me.

I bet this is a fascinating book.


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Minor correction: my book's dates are 1881-2003.


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Thanks for the offer guys, but Florian sent me an e-mail pointing me to http://www.newspaperarchive.com/. I was able to do my research there. :) I'll link to the FontFeed article when it's up.

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