Serif to complement Trade Gothic

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G'day there: long-time watcher, first time forum writer ...

I'm looking for a serif typeface to complement Trade Gothic. I've tried Glypha, but I find it a bit ugly in long stretches of text. Any suggestions?

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Skopex Serif

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Luke, are you looking for a serif face for body copy? Is it a magazine, newspaper? Tell us a bit more about your project, and the audience. That will help narrow down the suggestions.

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Honestly, I think it would probably be harder to find a serif that doesn’t look hot next to Trade Gothic. That just-on-the-edge-on-neogrotesqueness of Trade Gothic makes it like DIN; you can stick it next to anything and they’ll either sing together or create some quirky relationship that brings out all of the eye candy in both faces. Don’t worry about the details, just treat Trade like the streets of Vegas where the whores’ charms come out and they all look good.

•Try using it with HTF Didot and constantly invert the hierarchy so that you get the best of both worlds by working the type at different faces.
•Work it against those sweet brush strokes in Dolly.
•Set all of the text in some really sweet Slimbach italic or Cataneo to build an extreme contrast into the hierarchy.

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Chris, it's for a large body of text, somewhere between magazine and newspaper (newspaper articles reduced to magazine format - a bit like The Week magazine). And thanks for your suggestions James; I have a feeling you're a passionate Trade Goth ...
I like Didot, but find it a bit 'fussy' and ostentatious for text. I can see what you're saying about Dolly - but unfortunately money's a problem. What do you folks reckon about Kepler or Utopia?

Thanks heaps - this is awesome!

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