1972/73 newspapers in Dexter Season 1 Episode 11 "Truth Be Told"

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I saw Dexter’s Season 1 Episode 11 “Truth Be Told” episode two days ago and I’m pretty sure I noticed something odd. Yesterday I went to the video rental place so I could double-check what I think I saw on the DVD, but apparently the DVDs are not out yet here in Belgium. So I was wondering if anybody could help me with some screengrabs. Here's what I'm looking for:

In Dexter’s Season 1 Episode 11 “Truth Be Told” Dexter is searching through newspaper archives, looking for clues as to what exactly happened to his mother and the conditions in which his stepfather found him. A couple of newspaper front pages are clearly seen in this scene, and I really would like to obtain screengrabs of those images (full frame with newspaper in it). Can anybody make these screengrabs and send them to me?

Thanks. :^)

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Hope this is what you were looking for.
Great show isn't it? - Cheers.

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Do mine eyes deceive me, or is that Arial being used in a 1970s newspaper?

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Yup, I knew I was onto something. :^)

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BTW Thanks a lot, Sunny. :^)

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I’m looking all over the interwebs and cannot seem to find any resource for vintage newspaper front pages, particularly from that period. Does anybody know if, how, and where I can find such an archive online?

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I found a few on Flickr

They even have a Vintage Newspaper Group - But many of those will be far older then what you are looking for.




Vintage Newspaper Group - Flickr

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