Straight from Israel: Raphael's Comments & Others too

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Can the kamatz katan, meteg, and shva-na be automatically inserted by a "smart" OpenType font?

David and Raphael say not. Israel says yes. John Hudson thinks maybe. William just thinks. :) Davis starting to think yes, too.

Is there any different between a kamatz katan, a chataf kamatz, and a chataf kamatz katan?

Raphael says no. Israel says yes. Prof. Dotan wonders. David didn't comment.

Join the fun, and express your opinion. Loser buys lunch. (watch out, I'm hungry)

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can you delete the first shvah-na that begins a letter?

i do want to design a special face for education with every single grammar rule you mentioned as glyph, to facilitate teaching those subjects.

what about the shitahs of the shvah-na? you how they differ a lot. why?

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