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Anyone else see the new Bond movie? I enjoyed the film but the type was annoying. The opening credits with the stencily font with the extra wide “E” was bad enough, and the “let’s try to be authentic” location names (Renner Architype for Austria and a cowboy font for Haiti!?) were only slightly less annoying, but the “Greene Planet” logo was pure 90’s rave flyer. Bring back Q and the gadgets - leave the type to someone else.

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I love Bond just as much as I love type, but sadly the one rarely seems to care about the other. Earlier movies had some interesting stuff (a purely typographic opener for Dr. No and the half-nude bodies onto which images were projected in From Russia with Love and Goldfinger), but the type within the movies often seems more fitting for a TV show -- cliches and all. But I'm still eager to see QoS, cringe-worthy type be damned.

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Playing ID the font really doesn't distract from the movie.

These guys did the titles http://www.mk12.com/

Low quality version here... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wHO3gYGY-bc the type is very blurry.

Cheers, Si

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Not an interesting topic - okay, but just to prove 007-typography doesn't have to be bad... http://men.style.com/news/blog/2008/11/another-book-we.html

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Yes the movie title logo and the green company logo and the location identification type all annoyed. They even used Renner to identify Austria. How's that work now? The movie was fun if you can just ignore the type.

I liked the titles though. Although the song has not grown on me yet. Nothing will match Mucca's "Live and let die".

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Except Dame Shirley's Goldfinger...

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The location fonts were done by Tomato. I like them personally, but I'm not sure they all feel like the locations.


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Thanks for the Tomato link - although the Haiti visual doesn't match my recollection from the film. Maybe it changed or changed for the US. Grunge went out a few years ago over here. ;-)

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> http://www.mk12.com/

Well, when the type on their own website is so crappy...


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I was going to post this but figured someone already did, and, sure enough, sii had.

Just saw it and it was one of the better parts of the movie. (not that the movie was BAD, but when the fonts are the more exciting part about it...)

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