Some scripty distressed display face

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I got no

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I'd hazard a guess that it's calligraphic lettering, and not a font.

It does remind me a bit of Treefrog though...

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I thought of treefrog too - checked whatthefont - still nothing. It's gotta be a font. - the full part of this logo has identical letterforms in other words. e's , s's and a's all the same.
it's driving me nuts - that no one knows this one - as I'm to do the french version of the nameplate.

too many display faces out there you know, you'd need a rather big noggin to know them all - but I'm hopeful that the collective brain called typophile will help. pretty please with a cherry on top.

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<font class="dontLookLikeCrap">full seen here - the O looks like that illustrator brush default...but the rest I donno

don't mind the other stuff - I have nothing to do with it</font>

oh crap - upon closer look I think you might be right. the a's are different. the F's are slightly different - but I'm hoping that that's just because the designer was a good one and altered from a font. please say it's so.

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Yeah, all three of those LC a's are subtly different.

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I'm sorry to disappoint you Tanya, but personally
I've got a hunch this is skillfully hand lettered.

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