Type Systems Anyone?

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I know of some typefaces like Frutiger, Meta, Stone, Legacy etc. I need a few more type systems for one design project. Anyone got any suggestions? Help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Nexus, Quadraat, Scala, and several others from the FontFont catalog. There are many others where a sans (e.g. Palatino Sans, John Sans) or a serif (e.g. Meta Serif, Frutiger Serif) were added later.

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yes! thank you!

i'm browsing the ones suggested.... any more suggestions?


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Univers, the original system.


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Typotheque has a few types that consist of several versions. Like Fedra (Fedra Sans: Display 1, Display 2, Condensed, Alt. Fedra Serif A/B, Display, Arabic, Fonetic (IPA)).

OurType has Fresco and Freso Sans, Informal, Script and Plus. Also Parry and Parry Grotesque. And Sansa, Sansa Consensed, Soft, Soft Condensed, Slab.

More Serif and Sans families can be found in the FontShop feature post Serif/Sans Text Families.

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DTL haarlemmer & sans

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Rotis is a system of sorts.

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