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Can anyone help me locate the superultra heavy face that showed up in the forums within the last year. It might have been reminiscent of Black Slabbath, but I can't remember if it had slabs or not.

Maybe it was done by a student or novice, not sure.

It seemed to have something clever happening with negative space, if I remember correctly.

I thought it was in the critique forum, but I can't seem to find it there or anywhere else. :/


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Thanks a bunch Florian ... but that's not it.

It hasn't had a retail release, I don't believe.

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I'm also looking for a thread from these forums without much luck so far, and we might be looking for the same thing.

If I remember correctly, there were two weights representing the extremes of ultra-heavy and ultra-light. The stem width of the ultra-light weight was equal to the counter width of the ultra-black. Furthermore, most of the glyphs had the same width in both weights.

Does anyone else remember this?

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Yes, that's it! Klimax is the face I was thinking of. Thank you, Craig!

I wonder if this answers Beejay's question as well.

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oh man yes, thanks Craig! :)

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You're welcome!

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