Monsters monsters monsters

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Well it has very little to do with type but a client is paying us to draw monsters!
I am soo happy, if they just asked us nicely I would have done it for free.
Any hows typy stuff at the moment is,
company logo is ITC Avant Garde, copy text on ads is Gotham Round, but this my change.

If any one is interested have a look at the temp website

I still can't believe we're getting paid to draw monsters, it's like being at primary school and your dreams coming true.
Have a great weekend

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>I still cant believe we’re getting paid to draw monsters,

Hm, ask for some money up front. ;-)

Cheers, Si

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money, who needs money we are artists1 :-P monster artists now:-)

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We all need money, however doing something you love for zip is good as long as you are happy. Ounce in a blue moon I do some pro-bonos for those who can not afford it, the cool thing about it is you have 100% control of the work.

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