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Hi all, I don't know if you remember the BEST Life logo I tried to update couple weeks back. This one kinda ties in with that company. This company sells BEST Life products (Dental, Medical, Vision & Life insurance) but needs to look totally different from the BEST Life branding...They wanted to keep it two separate identities. Anyway, the name of the company is BEST HEALTH PLANS & they currently don't have a logo. Here are 2 options that I came up with. Let me know if it works for you guys. Thanks in advance!

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i like the first two more.

the bottom two seem mixed up and hard to read. i reckon play around with the first two and see how far you can push it.

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I agree,
The bottom version doesn't work for me.
Reminds me of a Gear Shift box.

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It looks great, but it reminds me a bit of my health insurance's logo:

-Andrew Welfle

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Agreed, the top. I think the letter combination is smart.
The type in Best Health Plans leaves a little to be desired, in my opinion. Can we see some more options and perhaps some configuration options? Everything feels a bit too tall and thin.

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Thanks for the feedbacks everyone. iffy is dead on...everything feels too thin & tall. Here is the updated version...improvement????

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Top again. No to the gradient.


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Yes to the gradient in full colour. No gradient will be applied on one colur versions anyway... Or flat-only colours...

Gradients give it a very nice dimension feel. Can't relate it to anything with this brand but looks nice.

Just wanted to say, that someone not liking the gradient will reflect on end result. No offence pennANDink. I didn't want to negate your opinion. I respect it. I just wanted to add another opinion, because there was none so far.
Robert Koritnik

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Have you tried placing the crossbar of the 'H' in front of the 'P' instead of behind?

- Lex

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thanks for the feedback...much appreciated.

Lex, here is your request. Still need some fine tuning on the curve.


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Try going in front with the gradient on the stem of the 'P' so the shadow is behind the wave. I think behind might work better though.

What's with the type? Why is the 'E' so much shorter than the other letters? I think you also need to work on the position and alignment of the type.

- Lex

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Yes. Correct shadows. Shaded one is the one behind but I also think stem in front works better.

I don't like type yet. Doesn't complement BP. You'll have to find another one that will match it better. Top second one was better.
Robert Koritnik

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