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Here is something I am working on for a Pediatric Doctors Office. Their current logo is unfriendly and not welcoming to children, or anyone for that matter. I'm still on the drawing board on this one, just wanted to know if you guys like the direction or think I should abandoned ship. Thanks for all the feedback.

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Good choice of type and colour, but I've seen a ton of marks that look like that before.

- Lex

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I agree with Lex about the type and color, and even though the symbol there is similar to many out there right now (eeeh WalMart..?) it is definitely friendly to both children and adults! great start!

- Scott Sullivan

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Well I think there's too mena different colours. But I like type a lot. :)

Liking aside, I don't think this is a logo yet. It's just and exploration of forms.
Robert Koritnik

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The type looks decent, but I feel that the mark is too generic. To me it communicates nothing, and the closest I get to a meaning is 'community', but that's because shapes in a circle make me think of Ubuntu.

Do you have any other graphic ideas? I'd love to see some other ideas explored.

What is your strategy? What 2 or 3 words are you trying to communicate with the logo (knowing that let me see how well you're achieving your goal when I see it)

Either way, best of luck, keep going at it!

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Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. my thoughts were about the same just wondering what everyone else thought. I'll definitely post some progress when I get a chance. Thanks again!

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what i see is that you could take the glyph you have and move towards turning it into an abstract object representing something from childhood - I see a jack in your object.

If it was to be a community concept - then consider moving away from symmetry and see if the elements when overlapping make a more unified form. just don't use four overlapping hands... ;)

Remember A good logo Identity mark should also make sense when sent with a fax machine... also the use of color should not be the only source of unity between the glyph and the text elements. . . Mimic the fonts style in the glyph exaggerate a character in the name to be the repeating element in the glyph...

You will find that if you have at least three elements that unify the two parts of the logo you will have a solid design that your client would be proud to pay you for.

just my thoughts . . .

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The new Walmart logo also came to my mind...

Michael Browers

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The text is from...???

Love the colors!!!!!
The graphic is too generic tho and needs to be thicker.

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Thanks everyone for all of the input. It is still very much a work in progress. I am working on strengthening the mark and will post some new concepts in the next few days. Yes, the type is New June from Hubert Jocham.

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