Serial number for typeface

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Why foundries are not protect their fonts by some kind of buildin "serial numbers" or marks? i understand that kan't stop piracy, but kan show the source were it was stolen.. i'm askin that becouse i've meet big packs of fonts from all major foundries at peer2peer networks..

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Because you'd need code on the OS side (or at least ATM), and big corporations are more interested in respecting the user's privacy more than protecting our work.


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The only logical model moving forward would be some sort of iTunes for fonts whereby licensing would be enforcible by the application.

Currently, only Extensis Suitcase Server for X does a similar function.

The problem for indepentent font makers is just we don't have the resources to sell an instantly downloadable font that can be serialized at the time of purchase and instantly dowloaded - Let alone serialized.

Stuart :D

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Stuart, that's actually not as hard as it might seem.
Talk to Chris of Ultrafonts - maybe at TypeCon.


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