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I am laying out a book at the moment, and I need to make a diagram simply showing fraktur (Black Letter) type. I do know some history behind black letter, but I was wondering which would be the best to show the overall characteristics? I am thinking something like Goudy Text. Possibly Fette?

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Perhaps this book might help...

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Hi Courtney,

strictly speaking, not every Blackletter is a Fraktur. According to the DIN Scheme, those typefaces could be classified into five subcategories.

Goudy Text is, as its name suggests, a Textura, which is the oldest branch of Blackletter. Then again, this very typeface was designed as recently as in the 1920s.

So is Wilhelm-Klingspor-Gotisch, a Textura by Rudolf Koch. That one would be my suggestion: It is one the most beautiful Blackletter typefaces. And, IMHO, it is more representative in some details. Compare the letters ‘d’, ‘h’, ‘z’, ‘A’ etc. You’ll see that Goudy Text is more normalised, less ‘quintessentially Blackletter’.

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Thanks so much for your sugesstions. Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch is such beautiful typeface! Defiantly worth owning. Thanks again.


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Paul Shaw and Peter Bain did a journal on Blackletter... you may wish to google it.


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Are you looking for Fractur or Blackletter?

But, just for grins... this was the basis for my P22 Sting. I am very much influenced by Zapf and Goudy.

You might want to look at Wilhelmschrift also... but I think you are right on with Goudy Text. It is an exceptional Blackletter.


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