How do I access the ornaments in Geronto Bis?

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Hey guys!

I'm playing around with Geronto Bis and I was wondering if anyone knew how to access the ornaments? I can't seem to find them with any key combination; although they appear when I preview the whole repertoire in Fontbook.


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What software?

Some alternate forms can not be 'typed' in, and can only be accessed by software that uses OpenType (ligatures, either common or discretionary; old style figures), and then sometimes only with a manual override -- the ornaments hidden under bullets in some fonts, for example.

Adobe InDesign and Illustrator have no problems with these features.

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Strange… I'm using Illustrator CS2, and as much as I play with the OpenType options, I can't get to the ornaments. When I open the font in FontExplorer, the ornaments have no Character code, Unicode or Keystroke assigned to them.

I'll keep trying with the OT features…

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Use the Type / Glyphs palette in Adobe Illustrator CS2 - select the ornament you want and double click - they are at the bottom of the palette

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Thanks Bob, you will forever have a small shrine in my studio!

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