Only use manufacturers toner cartridges???

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Hello guys:

I have a new (to me) Samsung laser printer. Of course the manufacturer recommends only ‘genuine’ Samsung toner products.

Is this a bunch of baloney? Or should I pony up for the more expensive stuff?

Please relate any info/stories.

Mikey :-)

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We at the office always used the cheap re-fills, right up and until we had to call in a mechanic, 'cause it seemed the drum had gotten bad (something like that).

That didn't take him too long: "Hellohellohello, wha've got 'ere then?" He replaced the drum and told us it was our own fault for not using brand cartridges.

... So we bought one, to insert the next time the machine breaks down. My personal bet is it'll be the electric supply then: "Been feedin' unbranded 'lectricity, have we?"

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I've had bad luck using "cheap" off-brand toner in my Samsung. Although I dislike paying more for the reals Samsung cartridges, I've never had a problem with them.

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I've used 3rd party remanufactured cartridges for years in my own laser printer as well as ones at various jobs, and never had any problems.

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Theunis>>> you are funny!

Steve>>> What was the bad things that happened when you installed a 3rd party toner cartridge?

johnathan>>> so no quality issues?

Thanks guys,

Mikey :-)

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Find a reseller in your community. They sell refilled and/or will refill yours. I have been using the same company for 18 years. I trust them and I always keep a backup at the ready. I have had HP and NewGen printers. At one point the cartridges for the NewGen were $289 so I was judicious with what I printed especially when it came to 11 x 17's.


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I found this article interesting...

Take That, Stupid Printer!
How to fight back against the lying, infuriating, evil ink-and-toner cabal.

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Michael>>> I called a guy who is local and he going to deliver a toner cartridge to my house. Its cheaper than having it over nighted too. Its off-brand but we’ll see if its any good.

Simon>>> Thank you that link. My printer is printing light. suggested I should wipe the laser beam unit down. Uhhhh... where the heck is that at?

Hopefully this new toner cartridge with print miraculously better. Light printing and all, it’s much better than an inkjet printer!

I’ll report back shortly.

Mikey :-)

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Steve>>> What was the bad things that happened when you installed a 3rd party toner cartridge?

Very black output that looked like 8th generation photocopies run over by a train.

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Okay guys, the cartridge arrived hand-delivered before noon. Works fabulously!!!!!!!!


The man that sold me the laser toner asked me what I do for a living and told him I’m a font nerd and a (kinda-sorta) graphic designer.

He commissioned me to design him business cards.

My “client” loves his existing horrible logo set in Times Roman with a swoosh around it. I told him why the format needs tweaking, and the type is low-rent.

I said “If you went to a fashion show, would you wear Wal-Mart? Likewise, if you want your card to say your a professional you need your card set professionally using appropriate typography.”

I should have gotten slapped for that, but nonetheless it came from a good place.

Now for the hard part: DELIVERING!

Trust me I’ll be relying on my fellow Typophilers to help me through. And of course I have no budget for new type.

He wants one of those business cards with everything on it. Logo, everything (and I mean everything) he sells, and the usual contact information. A two-sided job for-sures.

I told him my main rule: no patriotic colors!

Anyway, I’m going to dinner and to see the new “violent” James Bond flick, will post more soon.

Mikey :-)

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Yes, James Bond was more violent by far. But the up side: only an implied sex scene.

Anyway, here is the business card I made. Please help me out by critiquing.

Thank you!

Mikey :-)

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I use for my cartridges for my HP Laserjet 5000n as well as and have bought about 100 of them. Instead of paying $195 I pay $39 and eliminate the shipping and sales tax charges. The toner powder is the same but you might get a refurbished
cartridge made in China of course.

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Thanks Robert!

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