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Hi all!

The US election may be over, but I'm noticing a lot of designers "borrowing" from his brand's look. So in that spirit, I built this quick flash app to make your own Obama-style graphics!

Link: http://rocdove.com/blog/obama-graphic-generator/109

Anyway, thought typophiles might get a kick out of it. If you come up with something clever, post it! I'd love to see what other people come up with.


(my submission)

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No one's game?

Fixed a small glitch, where the export was working on the main blog url, but not on the permalink. So if you tried it before and it didn't work, it should work now.

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Sorry to bring this up, but doesn't this violate the H&FJ EULA?

"Vector art (swf) Because Flash files embed actual portions of a font's sourcecode within themselves, our font licenses require that designers observe some basic safety precautions when publishing Flash files. Text in Flash files must be static (not dynamic), the files must embed only a subset of the character set, and the "Protect from Import" option must be enabled when the files are generated."


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I’m pretty sure that the Gotham and gradients look was around before the Obama campaign started using it.

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What's a "La Wyer"? ;-)

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Hmm… maybe "No we Kern't"…

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oh no! sorry to offend, I guess I have to take it down :(

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Ok, it's killed. I guess it was fun while it lasted, at least for me ;-)

Yeah, I couldn't get flash to bring in the kerning information (didn't spend too much time on this thought, so there might be a way).

True, the gotham/gradients look was around before the campaign, but I feel like it's really taken off since Obama adopted it. Sort of like how Apple didn't invent putting a reflection under everything, but it took off after they started doing it. That's how it seems to me anyway.

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Sorry! It's a great concept. I would suggest maybe using an alternate font or better yet asking H&FJ for permission. I didn't intend to spoil the fun :-(

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No worries - I should start reading EULAs. Better I should find out from someone on the forum than get someone more serious on my case.

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EULAs that prohibit the use of basic, pervasive technologies like Flash and PDF exhibit a paranoia that is unbecoming of digital citizenship.

I'm saying this without having read the H&FJ EULA. Asking permission is probably your best bet.

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I re-read Sii's original comment and then I had to go read the actual EULA. It clearly describes an exception to the no embedding portion of the agreement. It allows you to use it for basic Flash (SWF) files, not the dynamic use that your generator requires. (Kudos to H&FJ for having a helpful FAQ to accompany their EULA.)

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