Templates vs. Stationery!

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Alrighty, I am wondering if there is word-processing software that allow this functionality, and what operating system it runs on.

Suppose a company has custom stationery. They simply type up their documents in a word processor and print it on their paper and it's done. Branding applied!

But, if they were to try to save their file digitally for an email attachment or a PDF, the file would not have the branding of the letterhead because the page would be blank.

Is there software besides indesign (I want consumer level word processing software) that has the functionality to have a template with branding that would be visible digitally in that file, or an exported format like PDF, but would be a no-print layer automatically?

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MS Word. But it's not all that fun to wrangle up a decent looking template. In fact it's a bit like wrestling a moose. You just have to trick yourself into believing you won. Ah wait I see a fly in the ointment - to have it not print automatically? That's a problem.

How about make two templates? One for printing on pre-printed material and the other template for other uses?

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The purpose of having the visible but non-print template is to avoid having to create 2 parallel documents with (hopefully) the same content as the revisions happen, so you only have to maintain one document for both screen and print purposes.

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