Another MS Word problem

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When I use some imported fonts in Microsoft Word the capital letters seems to be cut off in the top. This is especially disturbing when using the Swedish letters Å, Ä and Ö (A, A and O with dots…). Anyone familiar with this problem?

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The vertical metrics/ascender values set in the font seem to be to small. I'd consider that a bug in the font and ask the foundry to correct it.

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Could it be because the font size is relatively big compared to the line height? This is how Helvetica 18pt with line height 15pt looks (Word 2008 on a Mac, but I think it's the same on Windows). It's only a screen issue; it looks fine in print.

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Jens is probably correct, and olander, yes increasing the line-height/leading will probably fix the problem without having to hack the font. In addition the diacritics will probably print fine.

Cheers, Si

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