T.L. Africa

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Here is a logo I am designing for a client. It is for Transformational Leadership in Africa. The people are being transformed by biblical teaching.

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This isn't working for me:

- The mark isn't aligned at all with the type.
- The elements in the mark are all drawn in different styles, with different line weights, and look "cliparty".
- The big guy looks like he's punching the little guy in the head.
- "TLAfrica" means nothing to me.

Try going with the full name "Transformational Leadership". Your mark doesn't need to be as literal as this, and it doesn't need as many elements. Simplify.

- Lex

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Second the advice from Lex. Don't try to communicate every element of what it is they do in their logo. If you do, it will look cluttered and be far too confusing for it to be memorable.


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