Where will I find this "fountain of free fonts".

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I have heard many men speak of a fountain from which the free fonts come?
I search for many time the Optimos and try also the FontShopping but no such luck with NO big bucks or Visa card.

I thank many people in advance for these helpful comments.

Yours sincerily,
Gui Yong

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The fountain is in a secret cave near the peak of the highest mountain in Patagonia. Only the pure of heart may enter. Oh, and you have to have the secret word.

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The fountain isn't here nor can it bound found by starting here. But there are some foundries who have some fonts with free (or non-commercial) licenses and those are included in the FAQ Free Fonts in the Typowiki.

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It is directly adjacent to the fountain of youth.

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I am pretty sure that I saw it in the vicinity of Lost Springs, Wyoming...


Dr. Ken Lunde
Senior Computer Scientist, CJKV Type Development
Adobe Systems Incorporated

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Have you tried looking in your shoe? When I can't find stuff I always try my shoes…

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Man, what shoe size are you living in?

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Gui, don’t let these snots hold out on you. You can get awesome free fonts at 2002 Honest Fonts.

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Damn it James, why did you give away our Fountian of free fonts!! Atleast he'll never find our pot of golden free fonts at the end of the Dafont rainbow!

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lol @ Have you tried looking in your shoe? When I can’t find stuff I always try my shoes…

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Greetings to many people for your plentiful comments. But unfortunatly I still search for the fountain from which many free font such as the Optimo Pharma and please all of the works of Erik Spiekermann do flow, because he is a stingy man....

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Next time there's a troll-feeding session can someone IM me? ;-)

Thx, Si

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original free fonts also here http://www.fontomas.ru/dload.htm

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because he is a stingy man

This is hillarious. But maybe I just don't get it. Guiyong, you are joking, right?

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I've often wondered how a person looking for a good fishing spot manages to miss all the docks around nearly every corner of the globe only to end up neck-deep and gushing blood in an out-of-the-way shark tank.

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Sergiy you should add that to the FAQ Free page.

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I think there's a font site called tubgirl or something with a fountain of something. Maybe fonts.

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All the fonts you will ever need can be found here

Confusious says "you get what you pay for"

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I think there’s a font site called tubgirl or something with a fountain of something. Maybe fonts.

Come now, Ray, that's just mean.

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No kidding - incredibly mean thing to post, Ray.

I don't get it.

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Yes. I don't think Ray's reference to Tub Girl is mean but I think most people would agree it is in rather poor taste. Not merely "poor" taste but "rather poor" taste, actually.

Ray, please post an apology.

Thank you.

j a m e s

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oh hai. free fnots?/ :D

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@Sergiy: Nice work on Amoebia… Are you in touch with Jens?
Your "Liberator" also looks like a nice work. Why did you choose the name "Liberator"? Is this something historically related to England?

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google typeoasis, typeart .

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Sorry, I don’t get the dis with the tubgirl thing.

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Hi all. I am sorry about that. Bad move.

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It went over my head anyway. :op

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This thread is pure win.

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H, SuperUltraFabulous:

Go to Google search for "tub girl" under image- make sure your "moderation sateserach" is off, and you shall find it...It has got nothing to do with font though...

BTW- don't look at it if you haven't had your dinner.

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Sory, Typo- Moderate SafeSearch

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OK, that was THE most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life. Allow me then to make a minor change to weng's above warning:

BTW - don't look at it EVER, before dinner, after dinner, pre-snack, during 4 o'clock tea. Trust me - even the most curious people will come back and say "I wish I hadn't been so curious."

Ray I am concerned over how you knew about this in the first place. Wait a minute ... now I know about it too. Oh man, what a crappy day this has been. Literally.

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ohhhhh.... ewwww.

Okay, I won’t look at what ever that is.

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Being 38 and a foreigner I often have to consult http://www.urbandictionary.com/ to understand what the "youths" are talking about. Definitely "safer" than google image search with the filters turned off.

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It is indeed the most disgusting thing I have ever came across- I didn't know what Typodermic was talking about and so many reacted, so I decided to Googled it... I for one regret like anything after seeing that piece... (at the same time, thank God for Google- nothing is impossible...)

Curiosity does kill the cat... That's the problem with visuals. Once they get into your mind it stays forever, and make such a lasting impression that no clever software on earth can thrash it...

As the old saying goes, "The eye is the light of the body. If your eye is good, your whole body would be full of light."

It's wise to guard what you see...

As Graphic Designer, I am sometime thrilled by the fact that I am being entrusted with the giftedness of handling one of the most powerful thing on earth- the VISUALS- it can either "break" or "build"- just look at all the propaganda posters during the WWII, or the woodblocks of communist China during the cold war - those are great designs to be admired, at the same time it brings chill down my spine when I think of how many millions of young people have lost their lives as the result of these posters...

In one of the interviews, Bill Gates confessed that he discouraged his sons from playing too much computer games for he sees the damages it can bring to them... Even the guy realised he have created a moster that can be untamable...

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I agree with you, weng: because I just had to know what the deal was, I now feel as though a small portion of my mind has been permanently disabled, requiring me to quarantine it forever by covering it with a bunch of those biohazard-logo stickers. Isn't there some kind of pharmaceutical assistance to help curb one's curiousity? Because if there is and you have some, please - TAKE IT NOW before anyone else gets hurt.

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Best advertising tagline there is: "DON'T LOOK". Sure to get tons of hits.
Human nature, or what?

What was that about Spiekermann -- you're miffed because you cannot find his fonts for free? Perhaps he doesn't want them to be free. He has the last word to say about that, you know.

Talking about human nature, I decided to check the spelling of his name. "Spiekerman" gets 84,100 google points, while "Spiekermann" only gets 70,000. Funny thing is, even book stores get it wrong. If you zoom in on the book cover you see it's spelled right there.

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You’d be surprised how many people get my first name wrong a well. I suppose graphic designers don’t look very closely. Nor do type designers.
Seems that most people do not read what’s there but what they presume to be there. Which, in fact, is how we manage to read large amounts of text in the first place. Just doesn’t work for proper names.

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However, I suspect that a significant proportion of those who got it wrong read a mis-spelling correctly.

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But Spiekermann you are proud owner of these more than 100,000 ‘cool fonts’ and you will not make sharing or swaps with any of them :(

(except this FF Dingbests? there are not even ABCs in this??)

You are a very unkind mann! Erik you must learn many lessons from this man Jos Buivenga, owner of unfortunatly only 9 ‘cool fonts’ but he will offer all of them for swappings and sharings at this festive season of givings. If you do not show thought for these people not lucky to have 100,000 ‘cool fonts’ you will find no fullfilments and happiness.

Merry christmas greetings and hope,
Gui Yong

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Erik doesn't own those fonts.
He has licensed them from hundreds of starving type designers such as myself.
If he gave those fonts away for free, I would have no money to buy medicine for my sick children, and Tiny Tim would die.
God Bless you, Herr Spiekermann!

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Guiyong - are you serious? geez, what is it with people expecting everything for free?

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Guiyong - it may surprise you to learn that some people want to earn money from what they do. It's called working for a living. You've come to the wrong place with your stupidity. Now shut up and go away.

Why do you need 100,000 ‘cool fonts’ anyway - that's just greedy.

Nick Cooke

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There are not 100,000 cool fonts anyway. I'm sure that the world has over 100,000 fonts. I know that the world has cool fonts. But 100,000 cool fonts? I think not.

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A good designer doesn't need 100,000 fonts! I have to get by with a mere 5,000 -- and even then, I don't use all of them every day.

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Wow, I can't imagine how you can get by with only 5000 fonts O_O

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But why does Erik need this 100,000 fonts? He is Deutsch Design Meister right?

Unfortunatly for my plentiful works I make ‘variety styles’ and for this I need numerous fonts.

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(My god, what is this...)

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Just keep feeding the troll, guys. I’m sure he needs the snacks.

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