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Is there a glyph for this - I can't find it in PopChar - or does one just have to move the base alignment and close up around a '/'?

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It's not in the ascii set or generally part of most standard fonts. You could compose one in fonts that have superior letters. Some fonts also may include it in extended sets. I think Zapfino has it. My font Memoir at Veer has it as a discretionary ligature. You might want to look up character specimens on sites such as MyFonts, Fontshop or Veer.

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Added Thought.

If you are using PopChar; does this, by chance indicate you are using applications that aren't OpenType compatible? Where I work we are still chained to Freehand and use PopChar to access some characters.

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I've not had to do a decent c/o for a long time and my memory was that superiors were too small and if one made them bigger it was difficult to match the weight of the 'c' to the 'o', but I'll try again ...

I long ago ceased to need the likes of Freehand, so I suspect that all my apps are OK with OpenType - sorry that I can't help there.

Cheers, Colin
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