Zút Massive Black

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Zút Massive Black

I used to have a scooter called a "Zoot scoot," with some very fat lettering, although it was highly made of geometric shapes. There's some very popular fat sans-serifs right now (think Cooter), however they're not as easily recognizable as they should be.

I want this to be instantly recognizable. All counters are square, or highly angular. Most counters are about about 75% of the size of hairlines, although I'm thinking about making the hairlines slightly thicker still.

The "ú" is replacing "oo" because I happen to think it looks cooler. The pronounciation should come out similarly, right? (not completely sure, somewhere I read that it makes a close sound... or maybe I assumed that from the spelling of Fútbol?)


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I really like it overall. I think some of the letters are a bit conservative, and some have a bit too much personality. The "T", for example, seems a bit too plain, like the top should be heavier. The "E", "F", and "O" seem a bit extreme in comparison to the T. The humps of the M are fun, but not really echoed in any other shapes, so I might think about making these humps less pronounced. The "R" and "G" are the most interesting to me, because they look genuinely wonky, in a good way.

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Here's what I have so far... I know the K's off, but I'm working on it. Any input here? :)

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Not to reopen an old thread, but I had updated this some here:

Any I plan to rework this font soon, so it would probably be helpful if anyone has any comments or critiques.

I am aware the BVXY and others are clearly too skinny. There are also other issues which are obvious to my eyes now.


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