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Hi all,

I'm a music artist/DJ (electronic dance music) and I'm trying to create a unique type-based logo to be used on flyers/website/album covers etc. I only started learning Illustrator a few weeks ago so I'm pretty much a rookie. This is one idea I managed to come up with:

As you can see it's quite plain, and doesn't really stand out in terms of originality from other logos in the dance music business.

Any tips or ideas from more advanced designers would be a great help!

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tips on what exactly?

it's certainly not the worst DJ/techno logo I've seen.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne
Bicycle Film Festival

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For example, any advice on how to improve the font, or a good idea for a different background shape. I'm just looking for some additional ideas from experienced designers to improve what I have so far :)

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Look at the angles that are cut out of the edges of the letterforms, I personally would reflect the relationship of those forms in the background shape. also, is it 'phynn' and if it is, is there a specific reason there are two different 'n' letterforms used right next to eachother?

- Scott Sullivan

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