font family for christmas?

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Hi all.

I am asking for a font family for christmas. Any suggestions on what I should get?

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If there is one font family that I want, it's Gotham. I know that it's moving into the realm of overuse, but it's just so PRETTY.

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Gotham is a good suggestion.

Something a bit more expensive, but well worth it, if you like the design, is Thesis Basic. 48 typefaces. It includes The Sans, The Mix and The Serif in weights from Extra Light to Black for $520.

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I was just about to suggest Thesis. But my reasoning was that I'd have someone else get me a huge family so I didn't have to pay for it.

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Oooh! I like both of those suggestions. Not sure about the $520, but maybe i've been a good girl this year. We'll see!

Any other suggestions?

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A font is for life, not just for Christmas! Maybe a puppy would be a better choice? After all that's what the Obama kids are getting.

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and a new house :-)


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Personally, I'd rather have a puppy than a font family as a christmas present. If I were to wish for a font for Christmas, it would probably be a font that does not exist (or publicly exist) yet, like the italics for Tom Phinney's Hypatia Sans Pro!

But since fonts last for life, I'd recommend getting something that is likely to be usable for a long time. Maybe something like Thesis isn't a bad idea… a superfamily, with multiple elemets. Personally, I like the typefaces families of Martin Majoor quite a lot.

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The problem with puppies for Christmas is that they quickly grow up to become dogs, and many people don't really think that through. Don't get a puppy unless you plan for it to be for life (life of the dog, anyway).

Sorry for the digression, but my wife is the chair of the board for a local animal shelter and I hear all sorts of really unbelievable stories about the "January returns."

That said, what about something from House Industries? Many come with cool swag and printed paraphernalia -- much more fun for the giver to behold and wrap, not quite so virtual.

-- K.

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or even White House Industries, Kent ? :-)


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Kent, the "font is for life" reference is a play on UK-centric slogan...

...hopefully no puppies will suffer as a result of me using it as a reference.

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Dogonnit Si, you even unleashed the ASPCA on it :-)


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Ahh, the full family of Whitman. As it is, I have only bought three of the faces and every time I look up there is another one. My wallet can't keep up, but Santa could.

[no dogs were hurt in the posting of this comment]

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