Payback not a bitch...

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I have been redesigning my logo and landed on your site when searching for fonts similar to Eternity. Some of the posters here turned me on to Bayer Architype, but I also learned that the Foundry is non-responsive to queries. and

All I wanted to do was test-drive the font to see if it was worth considering, purchasing and felt frustrated at this obstacle. I discovered something that may be of use to future seekers/posters and wanted to pay back the informational favor.

There is a .svg file posted on Wikipedia that has all of the Bayer Architype letterforms in outline mode. This provided me with a useful tool to test drive the font. I thought others might benefit as well. The link is:

I have decided not to use this font after all for this particular redesign so I won't have to chase Foundry at this point. I am still torn between Eternity and Function Condensed Bold but the design is evolving nicely.

So, a big thanks to those who posted info on Typophile forums that helped me in my quest.

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