Effluent v7: New W, w, lots of other stuff. Hooks or no?

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An uppercase display experiment I cobbled together in a day and a half. It's really rough, but might have potential.

The darn "insert image" link isn't working for me, but the PDF is uploaded. I'll amend this post if I can from another browser.


EffluentOne-sample.pdf16.71 KB
EffluentTwo-sample.pdf14.75 KB
EffluentThree-sample.pdf22.98 KB
EffluentFour-sample.pdf30.6 KB
EffluentFive-sampleA.pdf31.6 KB
EffluentFive-symbols.pdf25.93 KB
EffluentSix-sample.pdf30.77 KB
EffluentSix-symbols.pdf31.3 KB
EffluentSeven-sample.pdf32.62 KB
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I've been away from thin for THIS long? Ugh.
Anyway, I've expanded the selection of currency marks. Here you go:

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I guess it's OK to bump this.

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I'm diggin' those currency glyphs!

My current project is a LP and CD jacket design for a rap artist, and when I went looking for a decent currency symbol font I found that there's not much out there that has a complete currency glyph char ...so, keep going cuttlefish!

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