Book on Grids?

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I've recently read Muller-Brockman's "Grid Systems" (which was very helpful) and I'm looking for another -- ideally more contemporary -- book on using grids in graphic design. Can anyone recommend a really good one?


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I recently ordered "Making & Breaking Grid: A Layout Design Workshop" by Tim Samara for my school library. I just went to take a second look at it for you, but someone has it out. So, what I tell you is from memory of a flip-through; someone else here might give a better review.

It had a nice collection and analysis of some simple to complex uses of the grid and uses this to discuss grid options. I read the review at Amazon and it pointed out some editing errors, which it may have had. It wasn't a perfect book, but I too had been looking for a contemporary compliment to the M

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I read a good review about The Designer and the Grid on Eye magazine.

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I have also Karl Gerstner, Visual Language and, although the book
is not specifically on grid systems, he goes on great lengths explaining
his use of the grid. I found it very useful.

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this is a great little book on proportion and composition:

geometry of design by Kimberly Elam
2001 Princeton Architectural Press

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