Asian but not 'too Asian'

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I'm designing a compendium of contemporary asian art and require a striking headline font, as the subject suggests it need to be asian but nothing too curry, great wall, tibetan monks etc
does such a thing exist?

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I should add that the body copy is in FS Albert, I've looked into large sans like those used for uniqlo etc but they don't sit well. Any ideas are most welcome.

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Perhaps my typographic meeting between East and West could fit? It's like a western typeface with a twist of curry in it (if you want, OpenType-features available)

It is also brand new, please have a look at Shabash Pro:

- -

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Big thanks for that, i'll have a look

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Well, I know chinese people have a great love for the shapes of letters and are more sensitive to beautiful typography - I imagine that would be a theme throughout asian countries whose scripts have a long history with the brush.

What if you were to incorporate some big, bold typograhy, and then something current and beautiful for the body copy.

I don't think you should make the thing look 'asian' per se, I can see how some might be put off by that. Make it look beautiful and I'm sure they will appreciate it!

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The type used for this logo is Fertigo (Pro).

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Could you do something with Panoptica?
As a unicase, it's somewhat contemporary.
As a monowidth, single height face, it has an "ideogrammatic" cadence.
Plenty of styles.

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